1.CEUS at a Value
Course Description:​ Our CEU courses can be customized to improve your clinics effectiveness. You establish the need and we will provide a course that is reasonably priced and effective. We can customize any topic or course. We even have the capability to provide a course that can establish new fee for service specialties i.e. Dry Needling and Orthotics. These courses are a great value, contact us today so we can share with you how attainable practice alignment, growth, and expertise can be.

2. Don't Throw it Away:Comprehensive Shoulder Course: Injury Risk, Screening, Prevention, Treatment

Course Description: This is a great course that goes through an antimony review, biomechanical considerations and effective approaches to addressing shoulder dysfunctions.

3. Progressive Coordination of MPT and Rehab:Phases and Stages

Course Description: Phases and Stages is a great way to align new grads and seasoned clinicians to effective approaches that assure the proper treatment is aligned with the stage of healing. We go through and instruct on many MPT approaches and pair them with appropriate ther ex.

4. Coupling Course: Taping and Rehab to Improve Outcomes

Course Description:We provide some great taping techniques and pair them with rehab movements to improve performance and outcomes.

5. Sports Integration:Performance Momentum 

Course Description:Sports Performance is a great fee for service addition. We provide some of the tools we have utilized to leverage this growing service line.

6. Adding Value and Revenue To Your Practice: Fee For Service Options To Add Passive

Course Description: We focus on fee for service offering that increase diversity of referrals and we give applicable techniques to get started or enhance any clinic.

7. Running Analysis and Running Clinic as a Fee For Service Revenue Stream

Course Description: Running analysis is a broad range course that exams and advances skills needed to perform the service, market it, and be effective with it as a clinical offering.

8. Myofascial and Instrument Assisted MPT Approaches To Soft Tissue

Course Description: MPT is a great resource for the clinic.  This course provides sound principals and techniques to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction.

9. The Foot Drive Performance:Which Can Include Lab For Orthotic Fitting Strategies

Course Description: Ever want to have your own orthotics lab for your clinic? Now you can we have a great course that can give you the confidence and tools to advance in this specialty.  

10. The Foot Drives Performance:Comprehensive Approach To Posterior Tibialis Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD)

Course Description: This is a course related to our LER article on PTTD. It is great when coupled with some of our other foot and LE courses but is a great stand alone course to help in an area that is often wanting in clinical practices.

11. Addressing Foot and Ankle Dysfunctions: Treatment Approaches For Performance Enhancement

Course Description:This course is based on the lectures we have provided at NCPTA and SCAPTA conferences but goes into far more depth of application and understanding. Learn the importance and benefits of identifying and addressing LEC.

12. Foot and Ankle Orthotic A-Z From Fitting To Billing To Fee For Service

Course Description: This is a comprehensive course and will get the finer points of growing this segment of a clinic's patient volumes.

13. Critical Thinking Employed in Clinical Practice

Course Description:Critical Thinking skills and approaches will help any clinic perform better. This course helps refine critical thinking in advancing outcomes and growing clinics.



​Mission: To Advance Practical Learning Skills That Are Marketable and Can Improve Outcomes